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Welcome to College Chances!

This powerful tool will allow you to see your chances of getting into thousands of universities. Just by entering a bit of information about your academic background, you will see your likelihood of admittance and areas for potential improvement.

We use many data points about you and your target college. We also use relevant data from other sources. All of this data is considered by our own unique algorithm to show your chances of getting into your target college. The odds produced by our algorithm are never 100%. We do not guarantee you will or will not get into any college, nor do the results provided necessarily apply to you or your situation. Your individual circumstances and qualifications may qualify you for admission in situations where someone of comparable standing will be rejected. Use College Chances like you would any other source — as an educational tool to help you plan and prioritize your college search. Choosing a college is an important life decision. Before acting on such information, please consult your high school counselors, admissions representatives, parents and others in your college search and in help understanding your chances of getting into a college. CollegeData is a service of 1st Financial Bank USA.